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It begins by knowing the facts FIRST! An attorney who does not have all of the longines replica sale facts related to your loan has already compromised your case. The combination of Securitization and Loan Note Examination can prove FRAUD! It's more than just using Bloomberg or ABSNET to determine if a loan has been securitized. It's about identifying the money trail starting with the funding source - did the name lender fund the loan transaction or did an undisclosed third-party? What is being ommitted, misrepresented and fraudulent? Attack the holder of the note argument with a Loan Note Examiniation and expose the rolex replica sale note is not authentic. Forget audit reports filled with fluff. Get the facts. Welcome to eLogic!
- Anthony Martinez - President and CEO - eLogic Group

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“Discovery Intelligence is about combining state of the art e-Discovery technology that automates Intelligent Search Term and Keyword Generation to peak into key points and issues within securitization documents and forensic loan data, with reporting and analysis.

Advanced Securitization, Forensic and Loan Note Analysis Reporting provides more than just a Bloomberg or ABSNET search. e-Logic Audit Analysis identifies the potential funding source; true required chain of loan transfer, identifies actual mortgage fraud by banks, addresses the "Holder of Note" argument by examining the note to determine its authenticity, actual financial damages and treble damages analysis for fraud; discovery request, strategies and tactics that include electronic discovery data and so much more!


September 1, 2013

e-Logic Group introduces the Professional Loan Note Examiners Association and begings the first of a series number of Seminars held every Wednesday and Webinars held every Tuesday that focuss on Unlawful Foreclosure Fraud and Introduction to How to Become a Professional Loan Note Examiner.

August 15, 2013

e-Logic Group offers new State of the Art Loan Note Examination Audit and Professional Loan Note Examiner Classes. Over 95% of loans in foreclosure are the product of loans sold into the secondary market where documents were scanned and transferred electronically and the original files - including the original loan note - was destroyed. This is why early on foreclosure complaints maintained a lost note count. Realizing you could not foreclose without the original note, banks began reconstructing so-called original notes and presenting them to the courts as authentic documents. e-Logic Group now offers insight into this fraudulent practice and has engaged in a nationwide effort to help attorneys disciver if the note in their case is authenic or a fake.

Augist 1, 2013

e-Logic Group annouces it will begin to offer a new product known as the Loan Note Examination Audit designed to help attorneys determine if the note presented by the banks as the so-called original are authentic. Mr. Martinez will begin conducting Seminars and Webinars on the the topic of addressing the "Holder of the Note" argument and document fraud in the courts collateral file. e-Logic Group will begin offering a certification class for anyone that qualifies to become a Professional Loan Note Examiner. Seminars, Webinars and classes will begin in early September of 2013.

Inside Updates

Inside Updates

e-Logic offers new Loan Note Examination Audit and Anthony Martinez joins the Webinar and Seminar track.

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