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About e-Logic

The e-Logic Approach

e-Logic is more than just a full service e-Discovery EDRM provider. e-Logic is the future of Real Property Litigation. e-Logic is the ONLY service provider that has combined traditional and advanced electronic discovery with advanced securitization, forensic and note fraud analysis. Combined with AMA Global Group's legal support services, e-Logic is able to offer the most advanced and comprehensive loan rolex replica sale level information, analysis, strategies and tactics to clients.

Our Mission: Provide The Best Securitization, Forensic & Note Fraud Analysis

Most if not every securitization audit provider sings the Bloomberg or ABSNET Terminal jingle as the beginning and ending of the loan level audit solution. While ABSNET and Bloomberg are certainly useful research tools, it is merely a beginning, a pointing in the right direction to a road the loan may have allegedly travelled. e-Logic goes way beyond Bloomberg and ABSNET. With e-Logic and AMA, clients get to see the actual fraud uncovered, damages, defenses, causes of action and so much more as part of our analysis.

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Inside Updates

Inside Updates

e-Logic offers new Loan Note Examination Audit and Anthony Martinez joins the Webinar and Seminar track.

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