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Securitization and Forensic Audit Reports need more than just trust information and several pages of fluff about MERS and what it suposidly can't do. Contact e-Logic today and get the combination of advanced Securitization, Forensic and Note Fraud Analysis with critical Discovery Tactics and Strategies. Get more than just Bloomberg or ABSNET results. Identify the money trail starting with the funding source to determine if the lender is really the lender. Identify if there were third party contracts in play prior the signing of the loan documents. Identify what was deliberately ommitted, purposely misrepresented and strategically fraudulent. Contact e-Logic today and take the necessary steps to determine if the Note submitted to the court was authentic or a fake. With e-Logic you get much more than just a Word template report with several pages of fluff about MERS.

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There are no other Audit Report Service Providers like e-Logic! e-Logic Reports identify the funding source; address wrongful lender identification; actual financial damages analysis; discovery request, strategies and tactics that include electronic discovery and so much more!
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e-Logic offers new Loan Note Examination Audit and Anthony Martinez joins the Webinar and Seminar track.

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