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Across the country courts were riddled with lost note counts in complaints alleging the foreclosing party rolex replica sale did not have the original note. According to the Florida's Banking Association, notes that moved into the secondary market were commonly destroyed because they were converted into electronic format to allow transfer in electronic format. However, because many courts require the bank to be in possession of the ORIGINAL note to be able to foreclose, banks have attempted to reconstruct notes and pass them off to the court as an authentic original. e-Logic's NEW Professional Loan Note Examination Audit Reports get straight to the fraud associated with the offering of the so-called Original Note submitted to the omega replica sale court. This cost effective report enables attorneys to not only cause a case to be dismissed for fraud, it's a bonafide proven fraud subject to other sanctions and penalties.

To combat the saturation of fraud upon the court with reconstructed and fabricated so-called Original Notes rolex replica uk to give standing where none existed and claim holder of a bearer instrument, e-Logic Group is proud to introduce it's Professional Loan Note Examiner Certification Classes to be held every week in Naples Florida. Learn more about this critical certification class and explosive revenue generating business opportunity by hublot replica sale attending the Introduction to Becoming a Professional Loan Note Examiner. At e-Logic we strive for excellence when assisting our clients... ...our reputation depends on it!

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Inside Updates

e-Logic offers new Loan Note Examination Audit and Anthony Martinez joins the Webinar and Seminar track.

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