e-Logic UNLAWFUL FORECLOSURE Forensic Reports are the most advanced reports available for victims of UNLAWFUL FORECLOSURE actions.

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If you're in litigation and don't have premier e-discovery flexibility to find the smoking gun documents that go to the heart of the case, you fail. If an UNLAWFUL FORECLOSURE action has been filed against you and you don't know the life of the loan, can't identify the red flags, the intrinsic and extrinsic fraud, the false, misleading and fraudulent assignment of mortgage(s) filed in public records, the fake trust or the omniscient servicer pulling all the strings in the foreclosure against you, you're sure to lose the case and your property. E-Logic Group provides the most advanced UNLAWFUL FORECLOSURE Forensic Reports, Loan Note Analysis Reports and Property Acquisition Reports. Welcome to e-Logic Group!

Anthony Martinez - President and CEO - e-Logic Group

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Find out about the latest discovery trends related to unlawful foreclosure forensics and reporting, advanced litigation tactics and trial strategies using e-Logic's "Update Alert".

Native File Discovery & Meta Data Validation in Unlawful Foreclosure Defense

Typewriters are ancient. All documents are electronically created and anything created electronically has metadata associated with the file such as creation date, modified date and so much more. Imagine a paper document claimed to be created on January 1, 2007 but was really created March 3, 2013. Litigation fraud is real. Identifying it is crucial.

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Advanced Digital Data Processing & Intelligence

Using advanced intelligence algorithm technology to identify and filter non-responsive and responsive data from a universe of data is just the beginning. Having a platform that can identify terms, phrases and words that you should be paying attention to and the documents involved is Smart Litigation Discovery Technology that turns months into days and hours into seconds.

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How To Defendant & Prosecute UNLAWFUL FORECLOSURE

The one who has the most information wins. So it's simple, order an UNLAWFUL FORECLOSURE Forensic Report and get valuable insight into the fraud being committed against you. See how false, misleading and fraudulent documents have been filed in public records to further the fraud and so much more.

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Digital Litigation - How To Win On The Move

Still printing out case files and pleadings? Still using a Blackberry? If you and your practice are not completely digitized you're doing both yourself and your client a total dis-service. Let e-Logic Group consult with you to make your firm 2020 compliant today!

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Client Testimonials

I made the mistake of buying several audit reports from different companies when I was in foreclosure. They all claimed I could just attach the audit to my summary judgment motion in support. They were all full of nonsense! e-Logic's audit helped my attorney gain all the facts about my loan and gave him insight into aggressive discovery. Thanks to e-Logic, my attorney was able to get judgment entered in my favor!

There is ABSOLUTELY no one I trust more than Anthony Martinez. e-Logic Group and their sister company AMA have played the major role in helping my attorneys win four unlawful foreclosure cases against me and my properties and several other lawsuits. All I can say is what they do is amazing. When they take over you don't have to worry because they are on it!

I made the mistake of making several bad HOA foreclosure purchases. All of them were subject to a main bank foreclosure so it looked like I spent tens of thousands of dollars for nothing until AMA and e-Logic group stepped in. My attorneys were able to win against the HOA attorney who refiled a foreclosure and they helped us win the main foreclosure cases. Outstanding people and work!

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